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Playlist: Planetary Radio

Compiled By: Bruce Kives

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Planetary Radio (Series)

Produced by Mat Kaplan

Most recent piece in this series:

Dawn: Ten Years of Exploration

From Mat Kaplan | Part of the Planetary Radio series | 28:50

Occator_crater-nasa-jpl-caltech-ucla-mps-dlr-ida-psi_small Dawn Mission Director and Chief Engineer Marc Rayman helps us salute the ion-engine powered spacecraft that first orbited asteroid Vesta in the main asteroid belt and then moved to dwarf planet Ceres, revealing two fascinating worlds.  The new US National Space Council met in Washington DC last week.  Director of Space Policy Casey Dreier reviews it.  Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye reports from Australia where he addressed the International Astronautical Congress.  More space art can be yours if you win the latest What’s Up space trivia contest.