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What's the Frequency, Kenneth? a newsical series (Series)

Produced by Paul Fischer

Most recent piece in this series:

Dragon. Donkey. Elephant ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites)

From Paul Fischer | Part of the What's the Frequency, Kenneth? a newsical series series | 59:00

Default-piece-image-1 March comes in like a Lamb in Pa.'s 18th CD??. Rex gets Nixed at State.. Trump's first trip to Ca ..to badmouth the state and "goodmouth" prototypes of his border wall. Brits threaten Russia over poisoning of former agent and his daughter. Trump and Co stay mum. Oh, and North Korea...plus a whole bunch of other news...including rolling back the U.S. ban on elephant trophy artifacts. ( Told through Narration, Music and Soundbites.