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Women Making Music: Dolly Parton

From: WXPN
Series: Women Making Music
Length: 03:53

Country music legend Dolly Parton reflects on her connection to her Tennessee roots and life-long ambition to make music

Dollyparton_small See enclosed series.

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See enclosed series.

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Review of Women Making Music: Dolly Parton

Another wonderful piece in a series that brings us music and thought provoking insights.

Masterfully crafted and produced, this is an artist monologue with music. No reporter to get in the way of wonderful, easy to listen to segment.

Now, to be sure Dolly is one overexposed celebrity. She works on public radio because she is authentic, open, self deprecating and a master craftsperson (music, plastic surgery, whatever venture she undertakes).

That honesty is what makes her and this piece a must air on music or news stations. The music cuts are a bit on the mellow side making this a sweet Sunday morning postcard for any format.

Broadcast History

This piece airs locally on WXPN-FM in Philadelphia March 2006

Timing and Cues

Begins and ends with music.
Suggested intro: March is women's history month. INSERT STATION NAME celebrates with the series "women making music". Let's listen to country music legend Dolly Parton as she reflects on her life and work.

Suggested out: Women Making Music is a production of WXPN radio. The series is produced by Tracey Tanenbaum

Musical Works

"Little Sparrow" (Little Sparrow, 2001, Sugar Hill Records)
"I get a Kick out of you" (As above)
"Coat of Many Colors" (Coat of Many Colors, 1971, Buddha)
"Jolene" (Jolene, 1974, Buddha)
"Here you come again" (Here You Come Again, 1977, RCA)
"Raven Dove" (Halos & Horns, 2002, Sugar Hill Records)

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