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PRX default Piece image 

March 1: Great Celebrities/ Sandro Botticelli ( in English)

From: Alona Suvórova
Length: 02:43

Birthday piece
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Piece Description

History with a smile: some data on this person, whose birthday it is today. You can add music if you like, but otherwise it is a finished product. We are always at your disposal for any comment, customisation etc. Also see my page on PRX.org (username: Alona) for more information). The idea is to be light, entertaining but still historically correct. At present we only bring out the russian and english versions, a spanish and a ukranian version are foreseen in the near future. We are also establishing a connection with a website so radio stations can broadcast the audio, and listeners can download the actual text. This we feel would be a good way to learn English for ESL people. See not only username alona, but also username alona2 for a new program!!! This one is for russian and ukranian people living abroad getting a bit of information on the rodina (motherland), and enables them to post messages. The messages then get broadcast, together with light and modern music.