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Personal Thoughts about Global Warming: a commentary by Nanci Olesen

From: Nanci Olesen
Length: 03:19

Nanci Olesen describes her attitude toward global warming. She's depressed, but she's still gonna grill chicken outside in February....
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Piece Description

Commentator Nanci Olesen wonders if she has to be mad and discouraged about global warming every day. How can she NOT be? But isn't it counterproductive to be mad all the time, in front of her kids? So she's gonna grill chicken outside, in the warm Minnesota winter...

Broadcast History

This piece aired on KNOW in late January, 2006


We?re in the middle of the first decade of the twenty first century. The Greenlanders are contending with a surprising lack of sea ice. The way it was explained in a recent National Geographic is that when there is no sea ice there are no walrus nearby. When there are no walrus there is no food for the dogs and the humans. The polar bears, the marine birds, the marine mammals, the humans, the dogs, all have developed their systems dependent on the sea ice and its predictable thickness from November to April. But now that is not predictable. Last year there was no sea ice at all for some villages in Greenland.

I wonder what will come of us as we continue to heat the planet up. My son, who is fifteen, is angry about this global warming. He feels gypped that he doesn?t get to have the kind of winter that my husband and I describe to him from our childhoods. He wishes that the i...
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Timing and Cues


suggested host intro: In the midst of another strange bout of weather this winter, commentator Nanci Olesen wonders what to do with this emotional issue of global warming.

outro: Nanci Olesen is the host and producer of MOMbo dot org, a radio resource for moms.

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