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Looking Gay

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Tight pants! Leather jackets! Body hair! What would you wear if you wanted to "look gay"? How do these stereotypes affect us? Read the full description.
Looking Gay
outLoud Radio

Stereotypical-lesbian_small Tight pants! Leather jackets! Body hair! What would you wear if you wanted to "look gay"? How do these stereotypes affect us?

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outLoud Radio!

Javi: Hi Sophia. How are you doing?

Sophia: Hi Javi. I'm good. How are you?

Javi: I'm good. I just went shopping the other day and I got this really really nice leather jacket.

And then I also got these pants. The only problem is: they're kind of really tight.

Sophia: That's kind of stereotypically gay. Isn't it?

Javi: Well, I guess that kind of depends on what your definition of stereotypically gay is.

Sophia: Funny thing you should say that. I already interviewed some people from my school about that.

Do you want to listen to it?

Javi: Yeah, sure! I'd definitely like to hear what people think "stereotypically gay" is.

Sophia: Okay. Great!

[transition sound effect]

Sophia: If you wanted someone to think you were gay, what would you wear?

Student 1: Um. Okay. You know, of course, all lesbians are supposed to have really really butch haircuts.

[Montage of resp...
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