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From: Jeff Brown
Series: The American State Songbook
Length: 03:27

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Piece Description

Here's the state song of the Bowie State!

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Review of Arkansas

If one is looking for quick, factual capsules about each of the fifty states and if one wishes to hear easy-listening versions of state songs, then "The American State Songbook" is a good series. The formula of each program’s structure has a potentially comforting familiarity to it, and provides some painless education. The programs are not burdened with explanation or analysis, either of the political issues surrounding the selection of official states songs or of the distinctive musical styles of the various songs. It would be interesting to explore the cultural values that underlie state songs, perhaps both popular perceptions by state residents and a more disinterested examination by a historian. Some additional question might be explored, such as “Why does Arkansas have two songs?”