Caption: Abbie Waters
Abbie Waters 

Abbie Waters: The Habit of Being

From: Charles McGuigan
Series: A Grain of Sand
Length: 55:07

Abbie Catherine Waters was just nine years and two days old when she left this world. I have heard men and women who knew Abbie refer to her as an “old soul”, yet she was also innocent and fresh as the morning dew. Abbie confronted the terror of her disease with more grace than any human being I have ever met. And when she was gone, and her “peeps”, as she called every student at Holton Elementary School, gathered to celebrate her life, remarkable things occurred that were, for want of a better word, miraculous. Read the full description.


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Beautiful and sad story

Touching story of a life that was cut short by disease. The dignity and strength that Abbie showed are impressive and would put may "adults" to shame. Thanks for documenting this story.

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Aired in two parts on WRIR-FM 97.3


Abbie Waters The Habit of Being INTRO
This is Charles McGuigan with A Grain of Sand and I invite you to listen to Abbie Waters: The Habit of Being. Somebody’s about to say something, just listen.

I first met Abbie Waters a little over two years ago when I was talking with David Hudson, principal of Holton Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia. We found ourselves in the art room and there were only two other people in there with us—Rolanda Scott, the art instructor, and Abbie Waters, a student who was about seven at the time.
I can tell you this much about Abbie based on that meeting: she had no fear of the mike and her eyes were radiant blue and wide and they could burn a whole right through you. She handled a paint brush with the deftness of a professional artist. At that moment she was painting ceramic leaves, with alternate brush strokes of bright gree...
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