Episode_174_small ELIZABETH WEIL - Author and contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine.  She is gathering rave reviews for "No Cheating, No Dying," from book critics around the country.  http://www.elizabethweil.net/Site/Book.html

IAN KARMEL - This comic did one of the hardest things in comedy, telling a story about the life and death of his grandfather that absolutely should not have been funny, but absolutely was. He's also a terrible plumber, apparently. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4137981/

Seven-piece Northwest band deeply rooted to its place of origin but equally anxious to get away, to see it all. Not escapism, but expansion: Listen closely to To Travels and Trunks and you'll hear faraway places named not so much as a wish list but as incantation. The broader your horizon, the deeper your longing, the more genuine your experience