1. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Zeola “Zee” Gaye is the youngest of five siblings born to Alberta and Marvin Gay, Sr. in 1945. Her siblings are Michael, Marvin, Frankie (all deceased) and sister, Jeanne, who lives in New York.


Zeola relocated to Los Angeles in the early 1970’s to join the rest of the Gaye family after living in Atlanta, Georgia for four years. She presently splits her time between her home in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Los Angeles, California. Zeola has two lovely daughters, Kim and Monique, and the joy of her life, her grandson, Domonique. 


During the late 70’s, Zeola traveled with her famous brother, singer Marvin Gaye, who always adored and protected his baby sister Zee.


Zeola was a large part of Marvin’s life, working with him on tour in many capacities, as well as singing background on his hit “Got To Give It Up,” and performing as one of his dancers on his European and U.S. tours.


Zeola served as personal assistant to her brother on his last tour “Midnight Love.” She spent most of her time with Marvin, during his ups and downs after his tour ended in 1983, until his untimely demise.


Zeola’s credits include writing and co-producing the successful stage play, My Brother Marvin. She is currently collaborating with her sister, Jeanne Gaye on the stage play My Brother Marvin II.


My Brother Marvin, a Memoir by Zeola Gaye” is Zeola’s new book about life with Marvin, and is long overdue—twenty seven years to be exact.  Zeola felt that she and her family could no longer live with all of the rumors and inaccuracies that have been written or taped in documentaries about her brother and her family.

 Finally Zeola has written the true untold   story, and   is setting the record straight about her brother Marvin.


Fans around the world who loved and appreciated Marvin and his music, will appreciate the book, “My Brother Marvin, a Memoir by Zeola Gaye,” written by, and from the heart of his sister.
Brace yourself for an introspective , blatant and brutally honest expression of truth from the woman who has lived the life and survived to tell her story!

A few words about Steve Edwards. . .


It was December 1999 when Steve Edwards landed on Las Vegas soil with one intention in mind– to invade American radio with his infectious tones and personality that welcomes everyone to the party.


His radio career kicked off whilst reading for his Human Biology degree. Then immediately upon graduation he entered the “underground” world of Pirate Radio. Steve escaped wearing the patch but didn’t get shipwrecked!! (not straightaway). A rebel with a cause, his drive to promote good music other  than the top 40 became his mantra to specialize in all formats musical!


When the Pirate ship finally sunk, Steve’s vision was pursued (legally) with a 3 year stint at London’s only Jazz station, Jazz FM. Then came every DJ`s ultimate calling… The BBC!


It was his rise to the top as the National host of the Steve Edwards Soul Show where he interviewed everyone from Janet Jackson to Andy Summers of The Police. He also appeared on a variety of guest spots across “The Beeb” including Rock, Top 40 and Alternative music shows.


The journey continued with Steve taking the helm at a local London radio station as Music Director and Assistant PD. The contract was for one year and the time was ripe for Steve to realize a long time dream of working on American Radio.


That was twelve years ago and as a Las Vegas resident Steve has scored on- air/producer gigs with corporate radio giants like CBS Radio, Clear Channel and the Desert Sky Media Group.


Spinning from his personal collection, listeners will be able to stream live, kick back and enjoy the best of the new releases, classic cuts, exclusives and get a direct introduction to the core artists that have significantly shaped the contemporary Soul, Funk and Jazz music scene. Check out "This week On the Soul Show" weekly news letter(s) for a sneak preview of what’s coming up!

It’s the" soundtrack to your soul" showcasing another exclusive feature interview for edition 7 with Marvin Gaye`s baby sister Zeola Gaye setting the record straight and talking about her new book "My Brother Marvin"  There is only one number No1!

Roll call is at your place-Shabooyah!