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First Love and 27 Other Firsts

From: Whitney Jones
Length: 01:30

This is the story of my first love and the many other firsts that came along with it. Read the full description.

2011__2700_-_version_4_small This is the story of my first love and the many other firsts that came along with it.

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Here’s the story of my first love. I don’t usually tell it all at once because it’s a really long story. But, I will try to condense the 13 years down a little bit. This is a list of firsts that happened to me over that time, in chronological order:

[Music in: “Peer Pressure”]

First crush

First date

First time telling someone I like her

First unrequited like

First time persisting anyway

First kiss

First epistolary romance

First girlfriend

First love

First time buying a ring

First time asking someone to marry me

First time getting married

First time getting walked in on by a cleaning lady in the honeymoon suite while in various stages of undress

First time having sex

First apartment together

First vacation together

First time failing at Valentine’s Day

First fight

First anniversary

Second time failing at Valentine’s Day

First signs of trouble

First difficult convers...
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Peer Pressure Jon Brion Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture). Hollywood Records 2004 :00