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StoryCorps: Scott Wall and Isabel Sobozinsky-Wall

From: StoryCorps
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Scott Wall and his wife, Isabel Sobozinsky-Wall, talk about their long-distance courtship that began on New Year's Eve. Read the full description.

Sobozinsky-wall_small Scott Wall and his wife, Isabel Sobozinsky-Wall, talk about their long-distance courtship that began on New Year's Eve.

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Piece Description

Scott Wall and his wife, Isabel Sobozinsky-Wall, talk about their long-distance courtship that began on New Year's Eve.

Broadcast History

NPR’s Morning Edition, 12/30/11


Scott Wall: I was single and feeling very lonely on New Year’s Eve. I was actually wandering the streets of Manhattan and I ended up in the Paris Café. There was this ravishingly beautiful woman wearing a beautiful dress, and I introduced myself. But I was very surprised when you asked me for my ID.

ISW: Because I had been told that Manhattan is so big and scary, and I wanted to make sure that your name matched up and your birth date, and all those details. [laughs]

SW: I thought it was very cute. And I said that I would like to see you in a day or two.

ISW: And then I called you and you took me to the airport.

SW: I had a little Walkman at the time, a beaten-up Walkman. I commuted great distances into Manhattan, so I had time to make these tapes, like recorded letters.


SW: And I would interview the brakemen on the subway.

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Intro and Outro


Time now for StoryCorps… the project has been recording conversations between friends and loved ones…

This story began in New York City… 20 years ago.

It was New Year's Eve…

Isabel Sobozinsky <> had traveled from her home in San Francisco… to celebrate in the big apple…

And that's where she met her future husband, Scott Wall…


Isabel Sobozinsky-Wall with her husband Scott Wall at StoryCorps in San Francisco, where they now both live.

Their conversation will be archived along with ALL StoryCorps interviews at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

The project's podcast is at NPR Dot Org.

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