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School: Are We Better Off Without It?

From: City High Radio
Length: 02:38

Freshman producer Krysta and her friends wonder what life would be like without school . Read the full description.

Default-piece-image-2 Freshman producer Krysta and her friends wonder what life would be like without school .

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Cruel School (06:39)
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Growing Up In Poverty (05:46)
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A Boy in Love With Cars (06:01)
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Sid is fifteen, and he loves cars--specifically, Chevrolets. His dad, a mechanic, died in a motorcycle accident when Sid was only three, but he carries on his dad's legacy ...

Piece Description

Freshman producer Krysta and her friends wonder what life would be like without school .

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Title Artist Album Label Year Length
Kids MGMT Oracular Spectacular. Sony BMG Music Entertainment 2007 05:03

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Teacher: Sarah Bromer

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