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StoryCorps: Sarah and Joshua Littman

From: StoryCorps
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Sarah Littman interviews her son, Joshua, who has Asperger's syndrome, about his first semester at college. Read the full description.

Littman2_small Sarah Littman interviews her son, Joshua, who has Asperger's syndrome, about his first semester at college.

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Piece Description

Sarah Littman interviews her son, Joshua, who has Asperger's syndrome, about his first semester at college.


Sara Littman (SL): I thought I was gonna cry the whole way back from college but I managed to make it until I got home. And then I walked upstairs and I saw your door shut and I just lost it.

Joshua Littman (JL): Well at least you had the dogs.

SL: Yeah well, the dogs aren't my kids. You know… 

JL: But they snuggle with you when you're feeling upset. 

SL: They do but it's not quite the same.  Does it bother you to think of home?

JL: I miss it.

SL: Yeah.

JL: I miss the dogs and everything. 

SL: You miss the dogs?

JL: And you, and…

SL: [Laughing]

JL: What? Wouldn't you miss the dogs?

SL: I miss the dogs but I think for even political sake I might say, "I miss you mother" first. [Laughing]

JL: So how was it when you went to college?

SL: I think I was a lot more excited about leaving home than you were. I did have some rocky times where I was homesick but I made some really goo...
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Intro and Outro


Today from StoryCorps --

We'll check back in with a family we first heard from five years ago...

When Joshua Littman interviewed his mother, Sarah.

Joshua has a disorder on the autism spectrum called Asperger's syndrome.

Kids with Asperger's can miss social cues -- and often have obsessions.

Joshua's obsession was animals.

When the Littmans recorded that conversation, Joshua was a seventh grader having a tough time socially.


He is now eighteen -- and in his first semester at college.

Joshua is struggling again and his mother brought him back to StoryCorps in New York.

She wanted to talk about what his time away has meant for BOTH of them.


Sarah Littman with her son, Joshua, at StoryCorps in New York.

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