Caption: A Fall Garden, Credit: Flickr/Gemma Grace
Image by: Flickr/Gemma Grace 
A Fall Garden 

Planting For A Fall Harvest

From: Vermont Public Radio
Series: Charlie's Garden Journal
Length: 02:30

When you want fresh vegetables through the fall, you'll want to plant now. Charlie also explains why it's good to be merciless in the mid-summer garden, and offers tips on how to encourage seeds to germinate. Read the full description.

Fall_garden_gemma_grace_small When you want fresh vegetables through the fall, you'll want to plant now. Charlie also explains why it's good to be merciless in the mid-summer garden, and offers tips on how to encourage seeds to germinate.

Also in the Charlie's Garden Journal series

Caption: Clethra, Credit: Sericea/Flickr

Flowering Shrubs (02:30)
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This week, Charlie talks about three hardy bushes that flower in the middle of the summer. Clethra, the button bush, and the seven-son flower take the spotlight.
Caption: Edible Flower Salad, Credit: LexnGer/Flickr

Edible Flowers (02:30)
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Caption: Agrilus planipennis , Credit: jlucier/Flickr

The Emerald Ash Borer (02:30)
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There have been mysterious purple boxes popping up in trees along roadsides and throughout forests. Charlie Nardozzi has some silly ideas about what they could be, and then ...
Caption: Elderberries, Credit: Jim Mead/Flickr

Elderberries (02:30)
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Jellies, syrups, and tonics are some healthful and delicious ways to enjoy the fruits of the elderberry bush. Charlie discusses the finer points of choosing, planting, and ...
Caption: Culprit Caught Eating Petunias, Credit: NHN 2009/Flickr

Woodchucks (02:30)
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Charlie Nardozzi addresses one of the most persistent of pests; the woodchuck. Learn a no-nonsense approach for ridding your landscape of woodchucks, and glean some helpful ...
Caption: The Asparagus Beetle, Crioceris asparagi , Credit: Wild Photons/Flickr

Big Bad Beetles (02:30)
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What do wool, the color yellow, and kaolin clay have in common? Charlie Nardozzi gives a full disclosure when he tackles tiny garden invaders.
Caption: VPR President's Peonies, Credit: Robin Turnau

Peonies (02:30)
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Charlie Nardozzi offers tips on enjoying and growing peonies; including successful transplanting and disease control.
Caption: A Mosquito Up Close, Credit: gravitywave/Flickr

Mosquitoes (02:30)
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In this episode, Charlie Nardozzi debunks mosquito myths and shares some advice for coping with mosquitoes without harming the environment.
Caption: Sweet Basil, Credit: Cinnamon Cooper/Flickr

Basil (02:30)
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Charlie examines basil. It’s not just for making pesto! From its origins to harvesting techniques, Charlie Nardozzi leaves no leaf unturned.
Caption: Pollen Grains, Credit: John Goode

Allergy-Free Gardening (02:30)
From: Vermont Public Radio

Why are more and more people suffering from allergies? Would you believe that there are more pollens in the air than ever before in history? Charlie Nardozzi explains why ...

Piece Description


I'm Charlie Nardozzi and here are some thoughts from my garden journal. I was planning on planting the vegetable garden in May or early June in our new home. I really was. But rain, work delays and mud stopped me in my tracks. But did that stop this intrepid veggie lover. No! My wife Wendy and I just planted a fall veggie garden last week and you can, too.

While most lucky gardening souls are noshing on fresh tomatoes, squash, beans, and cucumbers, remember to make room for a fall garden. Many cool weather loving veggies thrive in September and October in our region. Kale, spinach, peas, radishes and beets are some of the veggies that can be planted now for a fall harvest. The key is finding the motivation and room to plant. The motivation should come from fresh, produce picked from your garden into October and November. The room comes from being merciless. Pull out any old bean plants...
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