Cobblestones: Going Gonzo for Jim Henson is a one-hour special that features Dave Goelz, aka Gonzo, the Great as well as Jane Henson, and several of the puppet builders and writers who worked with Jim Henson from the beginning.  What makes this project unique is not just the stories and access I was given, but the fact that some of the original gang agreed to write and perform in never before seen skits for this radio project.  It's an hour that explores the craft, personality, and humor of Jim Henson and how his characters became a part of our cultural mythology, but even more than that... it's just a lot of fun. 

Even better, it turns out that this show is timely since this Fall Disney is launching a new Muppet Movie.  I'd love to talk with you more about the project and even better to send it to you.

Note: there is a 30 second placeholder for a newshole after the billboard.