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The Moth Fundraising Hour

From: The Moth
Series: The Moth Fundraising Material
Length: 39:24

A version of The Moth Radio Hour produced for fundraising. In this hour, we're going to hear a lot about commitment from people who stand up for themselves and what they believe in, including former New York Mayor, the late Ed Koch. Read the full description.

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Piece Description

Pitch notes are included below to segue between stories.  NPR news compatible.


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Moth Fundraising Edition: Hour 3

00:01:00 – 00:06:00 5:00 NPR News

00:06:00 – 00:08:00 2:00 Pitch Time

Script Notes:

Welcome to an episode of The Moth Radio Hour on (STATION). I’m _____ with ______.
In this next hour, we’re going to hear a from people who have taken a stand for themselves and what they believe in. (PHONE & WEB)

When you become a member of (STATION), you’re demonstrating your commitment to independent public radio. Every pledge (STATION) receives today is another listener who decides to stand up and say “I’m ready to help pay for the programs that are important to me”. (PHONE & WEB)

The first story this hour is a about marketing and religion at a crossroads. When you make a pledge to (STATION) right now, you’ll enjoy the next hour knowing you’ve helped make this program possible. (PHONE & WEB)

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Thanks for supporting (STATION) right now and enjoy the next hour of The Moth.

00:08:00 – 00:21:30 13:30 Jen Lee MM-HR3-Seg1
IQ: [music] “From PRX, this is The Moth Radio Hour. I’m Jenifer Hixson…”
OQ: “This hour is produced by Atlantic Public Media and presented by the Public Radio Exchange. PRX dot-org."

00:21:00 – 00:24:00 3:00 Pitch Time
Script Notes:
As soon as Jen Lee started talking about Mary Kay Cosmetics, I was hooked. I just had to listen to see what the story would be about. And that was a Moth Story that took unexpected twists. I’m ________ with _______. You’re listening to The Moth Marathon on (STATION). It’s also our membership drive on (STATION) and we’re reminding you to make a pledge. (PHONE & WEB)

The next storyteller is former New York Mayor, the late Ed Koch. He shares a story from his childhood about standing up to a bully. Make sure you don’t miss a moment of this story and the rest of The Moth on (STATION). Pick up the phone or go online and contribute now. (PHONE & WEB)

The Moth Radio Hour is a bit like a candy store. The selections range from sweet to scary to heartbreaking to funny. And every one is so satisfying. You’ve probably identified with at least one of the storytellers you’ve heard today. That’s what makes The Moth Radio Hour so powerful.

Make a contribution to support The Moth and all of your favorite programs on (STATION), including Morning Edition, Fresh Air, Car Talk (name of program) (PHONE & WEB)

Let us hear from you right now. And thanks for supporting (STATION) (PHONE & WEB)

00:24:00 – 00:30:30 6:30 Ed Koch MM-HR3-SEG2

Runtime: 6:30
IQ: “The next story is from a Moth night called New York Stories...”
OQ: “The Moth Radio Hour is produced by Atlantic Public Media and presented by the Public Radio Exchange. PRX dot-org"

00:30:30 – 00:34:00 3:30 Pitch Time

Script Notes:

Ed Koch’s story is a great example of how storytelling levels the playing field. It doesn’t matter if you're famous or not, rich or poor, urban or rural, we’re all just human. I’m _________ with _________. You’re listening to The Moth Marathon on (STATION). We’re asking you to make a contribution to support great story telling. (PHONE & WEB)

How many of us felt absolutely ridiculous on the high school dance floor? The memory likely brings images of arms and legs going every which way. The next story, however, is from a woman who KNEW she could dance! But first, we ask you to go to the phone or your computer and make a pledge. (PHONE & WEB)

(STATION) is bringing you this Moth Marathon because we know you appreciate true stories told from the heart. You hear compelling stories every day on (STATION) thanks to listener support. (PHONE & WEB)

Become a member of (STATION) right now. (PHONE & WEB)

00:34:00 – 000:46:20 12:20 Audrey Pleasant MM-HR3-SEG3
IQ: “This is The Moth Radio Hour from PRX. I’m Sarah Austin Jenness...”
OQ: “The Moth Radio Hour is produced by Atlantic Public Media and presented by the Public Radio Exchange. PRX dot-org"

00:46:20 – 00:49:30 3:10 Pitch Time

Script Notes:

Couldn’t you just feel Audrey’s joy and triumph? Another uplifting story during our Moth Marathon on (STATION) I’m ________ with ________. It’s (STATION) membership drive and as a special thank you to all of you who support (STATION), we’re offering this five hour Moth Marathon. Please make your pledge now and enjoy the stories coming up. (PHONE & WEB)

We’re asking you to ‘shake a tail feather’ and make that call. Become a member and let us know your thoughts on the Moth Marathon. (PHONE & WEB)

The next story will also make you smile. It’s about following the rules. Some rules are about safety; some are about treating people with respect. And some rules - are just plain unexplainable.

There are no rules about supporting public radio. We don’t tell you how much to contribute. We don’t even send you a bill. But we ask you to put a value on what you enjoy every day on (STATION) and become a member. (PHONE & WEB)

00:49:30 – 00:56:30 7:00 Christine Blackburn MM-HR3-Seg4
Content Advisory: This advisory is timed from the beginning of the segment.
This is a story about a dead man on a plane
5:20 frickin’ paramedics (not bleeped)

IQ: “I’m Sarah Austin Jenness and you’re listening to The Moth Radio Hour from PRX...”
OQ: "...and everything else, go to our website, The Moth dot-org."

00:56:30 – 01:00:00 3:30 Pitch Time

Script Notes:

Coming up after NPR news, another hour of The Moth Marathon on (STATION). We’re listening to true stories told live on stage with no notes. I’m ________ with ________ and we’re asking you to become a member of (STATION) and help us continue to make programs like this possible. (PHONE & WEB)

Make that call now and enjoy the next hour of The Moth Marathon knowing you’ve done your part to help pay for this program and everything you enjoy on (STATION) (PHONE & WEB)

The Moth is stories that go straight from the teller to the listener – there’s no middleman interpreting the story, judging it or telling you what to think. You listen and find your own meaning in the story.

You also listen to the reporting and interviews on (STATION) and form your own opinions. That’s why you choose (STATION) for news and information.

Supporting (STATION) is also a choice. We’re asking you to consider all the information, entertainment, culture and inspiration you gain from listening and make a pledge right now. (PHONE & WEB)

In the next hour we’ll hear from stand up comic Mike Birbiglia about overcoming fear. Thanks for supporting (STATION) (PHONE & WEB)

01:00:00 – 01:01:00 :60 Legal ID

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