Caption: Morel mushrooms, Credit: Guy Hand
Image by: Guy Hand 
Morel mushrooms 

Giving Chefs an Appetite for Mushrooms

From: Guy Hand
Series: Northwest Food News & Edible Idaho
Length: 04:00

A mushroom forager takes chefs into the woods to give them a taste for wild mushrooms. Read the full description.

Mushroom_hunting_21__1__small A mushroom forager takes chefs into the woods to give them a taste for wild mushrooms.

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Aired on Boise State Public Radio 7/15/11


Mushroom Hunting
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[HOST INTRO] This is Edible Idaho with Guy Hand, celebrating 2011: The Year of Idaho Food.. (4:00 to soc out)
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Florence: So you want to go really slow because you’ll walk past a hundred before you see ‘em.
Hand: Many cultures, including our own, once considered mushroom hunting aberrant behavior. A 19th Century British mycologist wrote that anyone who hunted mushrooms was regarded Quote “as a sort of idiot among the lower orders”.
Fuxan: Are they usually hiding under brush or anything?
Hand: Mushrooms were even suspected of soaking up the venom of poison snakes as they slid by.
Chris: All right. I can see some morels now. I’m going to let you guys find them.
Hand: T...
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