Caption: Sam Bowring, Credit: MIT
Image by: MIT 
Sam Bowring 

NOVA Minute: Humans and Mass Extinction

From: NOVA
Series: NOVA Minute
Length: 01:29

Sam Bowring studies mass extinctions in the Earth's past. He says humans might not be around much longer... geologically speaking. Read the full description.

Sambowring_mit_small Sam Bowring studies mass extinctions in the Earth's past. He says humans might not be around much longer... geologically speaking.

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NOVA Minute: How to Speak Walrus (01:30)
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Marine biologist Colleen Reichmuth works with walruses. She says that, like dolphins, they can communicate using an amazing variety of sounds.
Caption: Chris Goldfinger, Credit: NOAA

NOVA Minute: Triggering Earthquakes (01:10)
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Geologist Chris Goldfinger explains how one earthquake can trigger others in a giant chain reaction.
Caption: Alan Stern, Credit: NASA

NOVA Minute: The Star Trek Test (01:27)
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Planetary scientist Alan Stern thinks that when astronomers decide what is or isn't a planet, the criteria should be simple.
Caption: Hubble Space Telescope, Credit: NASA

NOVA Minute: The Legacy of Hubble (01:24)
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Astronomer and astronaut John Grunsfeld explains why the Hubble Space Telescope will have a lasting legacy.
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NOVA Minute: A Freaked-Out Physicist (01:29)
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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says that when scientist Ernest Rutherford discovered that atoms were made mostly of empty space, he was afraid to get out of bed for fear ...
Caption: Mark Lehner, Credit:

NOVA Minute: The Art of Archaeology (01:16)
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Archaeologist Mark Lehner says that his field is really about the art of observation.
Caption: Life returns to Mt. St. Helens, Credit:

NOVA Minute: Studying Mt. St. Helens (01:12)
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Ecologist Charlie Crisafulli explains how being at Mt. St. Helens when it erupted completely changed the course of his career.
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NOVA Minute: Social Robots (01:21)
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NOVA Minute: Loneliness in Space (01:28)
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NASA psychologist Al Holland describes the mental challenges astronauts might face during a 3-year mission to Mars.
Caption: Kenny Broad

NOVA Minute: Diving in Underwater Caves (01:29)
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Anthropologist and explorer Kenny Broad studies some of the world's most dangerous places—underwater caves called "Blue Holes."

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