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Gay parents in France - on the fringes of the law

From: Sarah Elzas
Length: 28:30

Same-sex couples who want to have children face many hurdles, more than one might imagine

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version produced for KFAI's The Listening Lounge, though available to anyone

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July 2010 on Radio France International

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Defenders of gay marriage or same-sex couples adopting children often turn to examples outside the US - Argentina recently legalized gay marriage, as did Mexico City. Spain legalized gay marriage a couple of years ago, which also allowed for adoption. In fact, Europe is often held up as the shining example. But it's not that simple.

Civil unions are not the same as marriage. In France, the PACS, or civil union, does not give same-sex couples the right for to adopt. And artificial insemination, by far the most common way for lesbians to have children, is not legal for non-heterosexual couples. Surrogate mothers are specifically prohibited.

This doesn’t mean that gay couples in France don’t have children anyway – they just find ways around the laws. Sarah Elzas brings us this look at same-sex families in France.


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First produced for Radio France International. This version prepared for KFAI's The Listening Lounge