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Caption: Morning Rolled Oats, Credit: Janice Lang
Image by: Janice Lang 
Morning Rolled Oats 

The Destruction of Krypton

From: The humble Farmer
Length: 02:32

Superman got out in time.

Humbleoats_small But we're still here.

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Piece Description

But we're still here.


While eating a hot chicken sandwich, I watched Channel 42 long enough to see Jor-El predict the destruction of Krypton. The planet had exploded and Superman was on his way to save earth when I shut it down and moved toward the kitchen with my dishes. In the scenes I saw, council members call Jor-El a fool and a traitor for predicting the collapse of Krypton. But they still looked surprised when the roof fell in on them. This was written way back in 1938 so you’ve had more than a few chances to see Krypton self-destruct in a comic book or on some kind of screen. So now, keeping the warning of Jor-El and the subsequent destruction of Krypton firmly in mind, please return to earth and think about a man who is the leader of a powerful country. He enriches a few of his friends by starting a meaningless war in a far away part of the world. He enriches even more of his friends by removing regul...
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