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North Trail Store "Wisconsin Life Series"

From: Aubrey Ralph
Series: Aubrey Ralph - Wisconsin Life
Length: 03:10

This is an audio postcard about a small general store in Elcho Wisconsin, a town my family has lived in since 1885.
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Our Home

Roger and I moved to Elcho in 1974 when Roger was hired as a Jr. High English teacher for Elcho School. We "grew up" there and raised our 3 boys there. We lived most of our lives in Post Lake. I don't know what we would have done without North Trail Store because they have everything that is needed. They have a sign as you walk in: "If we don't have it, you don't need it." That is so right.
Dennis did not tell how important his employment opportunities mean to the high school students growing up in that area. Dennis and Karen also helped to start the "Brat Barn"; an initiative that fund raisers could sell brats and hot dogs in the summer to benefit their organization. Originally selling brats & hot dogs in a Pepsi Wagon just outside the back door of the store, now there is a building on the village green just across from the store and travelers have become accustomed to making the block detour to get a great North Trail brat as a snack along their way or as a meal.
We lived in Elcho for 36 years and still think of it as Home. Now we've moved to Oshkosh - another town ripe with history - and are getting used to busier streets and big box stores. I still miss visiting friends in the store and on the walk to the post office down the street.
Good memories - wonderful people - peaceful life.

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North Trail Store

Aubrey, I was there about a year ago. I visited your aunt Katy one afternoon and she and some other friends went with me to the store since it's also a favorite place of mine. Thanks for the little snippet of history.

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