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Memento Pilot

From: Dan Misener
Length: 29:00

Stories packed away in boxes in your attic
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Piece Description

I produced this radio show as a pilot for a series I was pitching to CBC Radio. I also produced it as my senior practicum project while studying at Ryerson University. Memento is a show about the stories behind objects -- the physical objects in our lives, what they mean to us, and why we hold onto them. Kind of like The Antiques Roadshow, except without appraisals, and without video cameras.

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Review of Memento Pilot

An idea for radio with potential ? people?s relationship to things. Everything in the production seems done right ? nice mixing, editing of attractive, articulate voices well recorded ? the story carefully told, described in the moment - but quite oddly ? these moments ? a guy stealing a gravestone and a guy stealing a Buddha ? are a bit too laidback and cool to draw me in. The young guy is questioned about his interaction with a gravestone he?s had for ten years. Has he related to it? ?No ? not really ? caretaking of the stone.? He left Banff ? because there was really ?nothing to do but watch television.? But has his life since become more interesting? The next guy lost a thumb but he's pretty matter of fact, too. Although he?s an attractive interview, funny and light about the hospital scene. Was the theft of the Buddha important? No, it was fuelled by booze. He admits it changed him - he realized he shouldn?t steal and he'd like his thumb back. But the host presses on, trying to find significance that doesn?t really seem to be there. Both stories last beyond their pay off. Is it because the people aren't New York-ish and neurotic enough for me? I'd like to hear what someone else thinks!

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Review of Memento Pilot

Interesting concept for a show...we all have objects that have stories behind them, and are fascinated by other people's stories of their mementos.

Some parts of the program sounded very "This American Life," though the concept is different. I would definitely listen to additional shows in this series.

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