Caption: Gardeners on the ground, Credit: Beatrice Murch
Image by: Beatrice Murch 
Gardeners on the ground 

A Few Good Women

From: Muriel Murch
Series: Letter From A. Broad
Length: 09:53

From the philanthropic women of Washing to DC to a group of international environmentalists in Buenos Aires, A few good women can make a difference to the world. Read the full description.

Ambientate_argentina_4_by_beatrice_murch_2_small Reading about the women of the Bravewell Collaborative in DC and witnessing the work of young women in Buenos Aires make you realise the power of a few good women

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Piece Description

Reading about the women of the Bravewell Collaborative in DC and witnessing the work of young women in Buenos Aires make you realise the power of a few good women

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A Woman's World

I’m so glad to have caught up with the woman I once called “the Belle of Bolinas.” With her customary Brit’s sophistication, in this cutaway Muriel Murch begins with a trio of healthy, wealthy women in Washington, DC. The women, described in last month’s issue of “Vanity Fair,” founded the Bravewell Collaborative, “based on interactive medicine.” I’m not quite sure what the term “interactive medicine” means, but I trust that Murch’s three “good women” will make sense of President Obama’s labyrinthine Health Bill.

Closer to home, which, for the inveterate traveler, Murch, has recently been South America, are four friends who have founded Ambientate Argentina, an urban organization devoted to sustainable (green)—“guerilla”—gardening.

Today, our fortieth anniversary of Earth Day, seems like the perfect time to air Murch’s celebration of organic soil and clay, Argentine “seed bombs.” In fact, I would have liked a few more Rio de la Plata details than she dishes out; part of the problem is that this piece’s dual focus means Murch devotes quite a bit of time on the piece’s first section.

What I most admire here are sentences that describe Buenos Aires to a T, such as: “This after all was the city in which an ordinance to ‘pick up after your dog’ was so completely ignored that it had to be repealed.” Or check out Murch’s description of two Ambientate participants: “I looked over to a couple who were, like me, on their hands and knees, rolling clay and soil together. They were easily in their seventies, that age when play becomes not only accepted but essential for health. The man was methodical in his mixing, this much soil to that much clay.” Plus, toward the end of the piece Murch steps aside to quote Ambientate attendees speaking with wonderfully distinctive Argentine accents about tending gardens.

Pete Horner’s theme music is, as ever, catchy and fine.

Broadcast History

To air on KWMR.Org Monday Morning Show Wake up West Marin.
Host Susan Diexler


April 2010

A Few Good Women.

A traveling treat that I give myself is to actually buy a copy of Vanity Fair. No stealing glances and snatching articles while at the hair salon but having the entire magazine and time to read it from beginning to end. More often than not I find at least one article that keeps me thinking for days.
The March 2010 issue was no exception. Alongside the inside gossip on who really is holding and wielding the economic power of North America there was a small column by Mehmet OZ he of the daily TV program The Doctor Oz Show . Oz is also the director of the Cardiovascular Institute at New York Presbyterian Hospital and the author of several books. But this, his first article for Vanity Fair, was a short, single column saluting the three founders of the Bravewell Collaborative; Diane Neimann, Penny George, and Christy Mack. These women who have hatched their ph...
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