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From: Inez Tan
Length: 31:38

This feature explores the global subculture of Slash fiction, a genre of fan fiction where pop culture/media fans write stories about their favourite characters or celebrities being involved in a homosexual, romantic relationship. Delving into issues such as the motivation and inspiration of the Slash fangirls, and how women from different countries have their own takes on the theme of fan-created male-male romantic pairings, it also takes a look at how the Internet has greatly shaped fan culture today.
Inez Tan


Music: Kämmerer, at kammerer.jamendo.net

© Inez Tan, 2010

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Piece Description

Music: Kämmerer, at kammerer.jamendo.net

© Inez Tan, 2010

Musical Works

Title Artist Album Label Year Length
[various pieces] Kämmerer Return of the Sofa Surfer, Waters, As the Sun Sets, Leaving Paradise. Jamendo.net :00

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