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Caption: Morning Rolled Oats, Credit: Janice Lang
Image by: Janice Lang 
Morning Rolled Oats 

A Ship Without A Rudder

From: The humble Farmer
Length: 01:48

A small town in Maine has fired the town manager

Humbleoats_small A ship without a rudder is likely to run aground

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Piece Description

A ship without a rudder is likely to run aground


Voters in a small Maine town have fired the town manager and eliminated the annual contribution to a local library. Their cry is, “No more taxes.” But because town governments are required to fill out and mail a vast amount of paper to the state and federal governments nowadays, one might well ask if the voters in that town have any idea of what they are getting themselves into. Only an experienced paper shuffler knows how to correctly fill in the blanks in the most basic form to be circulated in triplicate today. If brought in off the street, even that rare individual blessed with both intelligence and education is not going to be able to do it. And yet, someone is going to have to fill out those papers. If more town managers are fired in Maine towns, and they probably will be, it might answer the question that many of us have asked for years: --- Is our health and welfare dependent upo...
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