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A Tax on plastic bags

From: Alaska Teen Media Institute
Length: 04:00

ATMI Reporter Aviva Hirsch asks her group mates from Alaska Youth for Environmental Action (AYEA) what it will take to get a tax through the assembly.

Default-piece-image-2 Hirsch examines what bags do to the environment, and how the issue of plastic bags has been dealt with in other cities.

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Piece Description

Hirsch examines what bags do to the environment, and how the issue of plastic bags has been dealt with in other cities.

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Solid feature on plastic bag legislation

Aviva does a good job delving into her subject immediately by giving listeners a scary plastic bag statistic and explaining the proposed law. As this traditional newsy mixed feature unfolds, she continues to drive her points home with jarring images and hard facts about the realities of plastic bags. Some transitions between narration and tape could use work, but overall Aviva has done a good job. Her sources seem very credible and deliver a clear point of view on this environmental issue in Alaska.

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Hopi Jr/Sr High School

The piece was nicely done, organized well and on topic. I believe taxing on plastic bag would be a very good idea to reduce the use of plastic bags. I would suggest that maybe some music to help set the tone more with this topic. The piece was well done and organized well. Nice work.

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Review of A Tax on plastic bags

Many people believe that the youth population is not adequately represented in politics. It is for this reason that I am very fond of this piece as it shows how a group of teenagers can have a big voice in politics. Although the narrator is biased to her cause, her interviewee discusses both sides of the issue. I understand both the reasons for her group’s proposal, and the challenges they face. The piece itself does not contain sound effects or music (no flashy elements here), but the startling statistics that the narrator presents, combined with her powerful arguments, makes this a forceful call to action. This feature can be very effective to encourage a local group to get involved in their own community, as well as to show how even a youth group can make a difference in politics.

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