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From: Hans Anderson
Length: 13:28

For fourteen months, starting in January 2002, I went through my neighbor's garbage twice per week.
Hans Anderson

Mockumentary1s_small This is a Mockumentary. For more information and conversation, visit this feature on Transom.org.

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This is a Mockumentary. For more information and conversation, visit this feature on Transom.org.

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Review of Garbage

I like Mr. Anderson's offbeat pieces, and this is just one clever and original example. Mr. Anderson does an exceptional job imitating inexperienced audio diarists. My only nitpick is near the end: he spends perhaps an ornate amoutn of time describing one item, despite that it has no larger meaning than another thing his narrator has found. All in all, good piece worth running.

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Review of Garbage

I'm glad this guy doesn't live on my block, but this is a wacky, weird, well-done piece. It's very funny in parts, and I love the background music. There's definitely an audience for this.

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Review of Garbage

A lot of fun. Not sure where this goes -- that's why there are PDs -- but given the fact that there are 24 hours in a day and there are 7 days in a week, there should be a space on numerous stations for something like this.

A clear, discernable voice. A refreshing and surprising piece that will provoke listener calls. Some may not be so willing to wallow quite in the dark side.


"My Neighbor's Garbage" by Hans Anderson

For 14 months, starting in Jan of 2002, I went through my neighbors garbage twice a week, each night that the garbage was put out to await the garbage service.

My midnight visits to John's trash cans became interesting for the first time tonight. My prize tonight was a little piece of paper, a scrap, that has a recipe printed on one side and on the other the question someone wrote: "Are there any ugly identical twins?" (laugh) It's like he's trying to remind himself to ask the librarian tomorrow.

While I was rustling through the garbage tonight I heard a sound, so I stopped and crouched behind the old Ford near the corner. I couldn't breath and sat still until I thought it must have been the stray cat or something. My legs were tired from crouching, so I couldn't stand up quickly, which was lucky
because Marianne, second from the corner, cam...
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