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Politically Correct

From: The humble Farmer
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This morning, while reading my college textbook anthology of great American literature, I realized that much of that great American literature could not be printed today. Much of the American literature that was considered great in the 1950's is no longer politically correct, and generates cries of protest from young throats on every college campus in America. Isn't it amazing that we permit children's voices to guide the direction of our thinking?
A month ago I caught part of a Harrison Ford movie. Remember the one --- where he hands Hitler a book and Hitler autographs it? Hundreds of people in that scene are throwing the books that the Nazis banned into a fire. In Russia if you wrote things that were not politically correct, they said you were crazy and sent you to Siberia. Media people in fascist countries who do not parrot the official party line are quickly silenced.
But we...
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