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Flying Pigs Reduce Alcohol Consumption

From: The humble Farmer
Length: :53

Have You Ever Seen A Pig Fly?

Humbleoats_small What would you do if you saw a pig fly by?

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Piece Description

What would you do if you saw a pig fly by?


My friend Julian called this morning and this was good because nowadays I don?t see him as often as I?d like. Julian is the smartest man I know and for many years many of my newspaper columns consisted of nuggets gleaned from conversations with Julian. This morning Julian said that he read in the Bangor Daily News that a recent wind in Aroostook County blew down a barn, picked up two pigs, and a neighbor saw them going through the air past his house. I had to agree with Julian. Seeing two pigs fly by would go a long way towards reducing alcohol consumption most anywhere.
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