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What Do Bears Do In The Woods?

From: The humble Farmer
Length: 01:06

A woman claimed she lived in the trunk of her car for three days

Humbleoats_small A commentary on bears and soap operas

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Piece Description

A commentary on bears and soap operas


Did you hear about the woman who said that robbers had locked her in her car trunk? It gave her an excuse for not coming to work for the previous three days. Police became suspicious when they looked in the trunk, because there were no signs that anyone had lived there for three days. Anyone who knows what bears do in the woods would have become suspicious. If a bear or a fox or anything else lives in your woods for three days, you will see signs. Why didn't that woman realize that if a person lives in the trunk of a car for three days, there should be signs? I think it's because she'd watched too many soap operas. On soap operas, they can tie a woman to a chair for a week, and if you give her an occasional drink of water and a scrap of food, she gets along fine.
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