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What do you mean, "We?"

From: The humble Farmer
Length: 01:38

Divorce and tornadoes

Humbleoats_small If possible, deal with them both in the same day

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If possible, deal with them both in the same day


It had just started to sprinkle when I drove into the dooryard so I jumped out of the truck and was yanking the clothes off the line when a squall hit. A fitted sheet was yanked off the line and disappeared over the top of a garage 200 feet away. I?d never seen anything like it. So later in the day, when I mentioned it to Richard, my computer guru, I asked him if he?d ever seen a tornado. He said he had seen a tornado only once. It was on the day when he divorced his wife and they split their property between them. Among other things, he got one house and she got another house located a few hundred feet away. Because this was a friendly divorce they had gone out for dinner with a mutual friend and had just returned to the house that now belonged to him, when they heard a noise like a freight train. They knew that something bad was about to happen so they ran down cellar. Whoom. The torna...
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