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Three Women

From: Dmae Roberts
Length: 08:44

A Chicana, African American and Romanian talk about their breast cancer. Read the full description.
Three Women
Dmae Roberts

Readingcropped_small Three women, a Chicana, African American and Romanian immigrant, dealing with breast cancer describe their experiences in this collage story with original music. This piece was excerpted from the one-hour special The Breast Cancer Monologues.

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Piece Description

Three women, a Chicana, African American and Romanian immigrant, dealing with breast cancer describe their experiences in this collage story with original music. This piece was excerpted from the one-hour special The Breast Cancer Monologues.

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Review of Three Women

I expected the subject matter -- living with breast cancer -- to be emotional, but what I didn't expect was to actually learn something new. But I did! As a white woman (and former health care reporter, no less) I had no idea that some medical professionals assumed that people of color could take higher doses of chemo because of the melatonin in their skin!

This montage of three women speaking about living with cancer is well-produced and thought provoking. It's laid out in a very logical fashion with each soundbite building on the next, and it gives listeners an insight into universal themes and perspectives that are specific to minority women.

Well done!

Broadcast History

Produced for the Breast Cancer Monlogues which aired independently on public radio stations. Aired on NPR's Day To Day program, Oct. 2004


CAROLINE: My name is Caroline Acuna-Guilartes. I have Mexican heritage, but I also acknowledge the indigenous blood, the Indian blood, the Aztec blood, within being Chicana. I was diagnosed in ’94. I had an aggressive cancer called Medullary cancer, and they said that it was very fast-growing and aggressive and they wanted me to do chemo and radiation because I was so young, but I opted for ancient medicine instead of Western medicine. So I’ve been doing and surviving on ancient medicine for ten years.

MONICA: My name is Monica Benson-Barros. I’m a 42-year old African American woman. I have one child who is 18 years old. July 2003 I found out I had breast cancer. At the time I was eight weeks pregnant and felt a mass under my breast. And my breasts are large, so it’s really hard to tell when I have my personal tests. But this mass was really large and it didn’t move – like,...
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Timing and Cues

one minute of music tail.

Musical Works

Music by Maria de Los Angeles Esteves.

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