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Host Rich Reardin talks with Asheville, North Carolina singer/songwriter Amanda Platt about his life and music.
Amanda Anne Platt has been described as "easily one of the best songwriters coming out of Western North Carolina these days" (Martin Anderson, WNCW), with a voice that "sings like Carolina farmlands after a rainstorm" (Harvey Robinson, Monkeywhale Productions). She is the songwriter, lead singer, and producer of the Asheville-based Americana group The Honeycutters. With The Honeycutters she has shared the stage with Guy Clark, Amy Ray, Tony Rice, The Seldom Scene, Donna The Buffalo, Jill Andrews, The Steep Canyon Rangers, Jim Lauderdale, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Langhorne Slim. Her song "Little Bird" won First Place in The Great Lakes Songwriting Competition (2011) and Second Place in the General category in the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest at Merlefest (2011). The Honeycutters third studio album, Me Oh My (Organic Records), which features "Little Bird" as well as thirteen other of Platt's original compositions; has received critical acclaim and radio support across the United States, Canada, and The UK.
“In Amanda Anne Platt, listeners to Me Oh My will discover a 21st century North Carolina renaissance woman. Not only has she written the album's fourteen songs of staggering distinction and beauty, but she also inhabits these personal dramas perfectly, delivers them with emotion precision-fitted to their content, ranging from regret to wry humour, whilst playing guitar, conducting a blistering band, and bossing the control room faders as producer.” --David Innes, R2 - Rock 'n' Reel (UK), 5 star review
"Platt's songs are exceptional, with interesting melodies and well-written lyrics sung with a strong and engaging voice that sounds a bit like a blend of Gillian Welch and Loretta Lynn." 

ASHEVILLE, NC --Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters new self-titled album is out today, June 9, on Organic Records. “We're switching things up a little. After four albums I've decided to step out and start using my own name. It's something that a lot of people have encouraged me to do over the years, and I guess that 2017 just felt right.” says Amanda. “We're keeping The Honeycutters too because we don't want to confuse people… really, we've always been Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters. I think I've just gotten to a place where I feel comfortable enough to be in the spotlight.”
Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Amanda is a storyteller by nature with an incredible band backing her. Performing along with Amanda Anne Platt, The Honeycutters are Matt Smith on pedal steel and Stratocaster, Rick Cooper on bass, Josh Milligan on drums and harmony vocals, and Evan Martin on keys and Telecaster. Lyrically driven, the songs on Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters blend the band’s old-school country roots attitude with their shared influences of rock and folk.
Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters will tour extensively in US this year and are traveling to Europe for the first time this summer. Tour dates and more information at .
Critical Acclaim for Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters:
“Writing with a maturity that belies her early thirties age, Amanda pens tunes about a couple with a 40-year relationship, reflections of a spouse with a terminally ill husband, break-up, strangers, leaving, the music industry, and, of course, love. Platt is as good a songwriter as anyone with an Americana label by their name and that includes Isbell and Lucinda to name just two of them … You will need to listen repeatedly as the album is lengthy and Platte’s lyrics are so damn real and relatable on so many levels.” --Elmore , Jim Hynes
“They… deliver a feisty, witty, hard-knock life realism on their records and this eponymous release, their fifth, is like the continuation of a classic serial novel you just can’t put down… My favorite track is ‘Eden’ and I must have listened to it at least five times because it’s just bloody brilliant, cheeky and slightly heart-wrenching all at once : ‘Don’t keep a TV ’cause the news is always bad and it teaches us to want all the things we’ll never have’ and then the storyteller asks to be let ‘back inside that garden, I won’t eat anything that’s fallen from that goddamn tree.’
--That Mag , Jane Roser
“Platt can find a tune and express it exquisitely with a distinctive voice and a sympathetic band … Her wonderful lyrics seem to be an assessment of the people and circumstances that surround her to find the good bits.”
--Americana Music Show , Tony Ives
“Platt opens with the reflective ‘Birthday Song’, warmed in among other things, tasty piano the album is immediately up and running on greased wheels. Blending country with folk and country pop you have Americana music with a capital ‘A’ and it is good!” --Flying Shoes Review (UK), Maurice Hope 
“Platt sings like she means it on this country-tinged folk album, and whether or not her nuanced lyrics are drawn directly from real life, they sure sound as if they are ... Platt’s vocals convey joy and tenderness and her band provide amiable backup. At its best, this music is on a par with Lucinda Williams’s, which is saying a lot.”
--The Morton Report , Jeff Burger
“There is, as with the two before, an easygoing warmth to the album, and a certain kind of knowing. The kind from that comes from being a keen and empathetic observer. From the upbeat ‘Diamond in the Rough’ to the poetic ‘Eden’ to the solemn ‘Long Ride,’ Platt and her band flesh out all that's real and been missing in country music for lo these many years .”  --No Depression , Amos Perrine
“a gem of an album… The collection combines sharp and emotive songwriting with crisp production values. A successful blend of country roots and honky-tonk, but with a defining Appalachian twist. Above it all hovers Platt’s voice – laconic, sultry, pitch perfect and ultimately charming.
--Listening Through The Lens , Rob Dickens
“Amanda Anne is one of the best songwriters I have ever heard – and I have been listening carefully to music for about 55 years. She writes with her heart and her brain and her observations on life, love and other matters of importance are sparkling ... Her songs get into your blood and become a part of you .”
--letter from David Whittaker who commissioned the song “Rare Thing” for his wife Holly
"Amanda is so good it's ridiculous. I don't even know what words to use. Her singing, songwriting and presence is unmatched in Americana, Country, Pop… Simply breathtaking ."
-- Saul Davis: producer (Percy Sledge), manager (Gene Clark, Carla Olson, Phil Seymour).

 -Michael Colby, Review in No Depression/Palms Playhouse, Winters, CA

Musical selections include: The Guitar Case, Little Bird, Diamond in the Rough, Lucky, Birthday Song, Learning How To Love Him, Brand New Start.

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