Chimpin' The Blues

Chimpinartwpsu_small REVISED to be used any time. One of the great legacies worth remembering from the 20th Century is the Blues. In that spirit - two friends, cartoonist supremo Robert Crumb and author/producer Jerry Zolten, got together to spin, and chat about, favorite 78 rpm blues rarities from their personal collections. "Chimpin' the Blues" they called it. Said Crumb: "Just chatterin' record collectors, sittin' and talkin' about stuff they're interested in ... monkey chatterin,' chimpin'," as it were. The result is Chimpin' the Blues, an offbeat, off-the-cuff, one-hour excursion into the blues, pre-blues, gospel, and jazz of the 1920's and 30's, seasoned with plenty of yuks, anecdotes, and trivia that reveal a side of Robert Crumb as passionate record collector, blues fanatic, and erudite raconteur. In other words, the guy knows a lot about the blues and can talk about it. "Chimpin' the Blues" includes 13 rare tracks accompanied by pertinent background information.