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Merced's new Sustainable Campus

From: Pat Maxwell
Series: February 2007 - Isla Earth Radio Series
Length: 01:30

Colleges and universities are jumping on the green building bandwagon.
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Piece Description

Colleges and universities are jumping on the green building bandwagon. The University of California at Merced is being built from the ground up using green-building principles. The idea is to meet the needs of today's students without compromising the ability to meet the needs of tomorrow's students. The school's buildings will all meet or exceed the Green Building Council's LEED Silver Standard. To save energy, they?ll be equipped with state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical systems. And the shading and window scheme is designed to reduce the need for air conditioning. To conserve water, the campus will be landscaped with drought-resistant plants, and use a high-efficiency irrigation system. Rainwater capture systems are planned for the future, and grey water will be recycled for irrigation. Grey water is water that's been used for bathing, laundry, or washing dishes. And the campus will be a biker's paradise, offering an extensive system of bicycle facilities. All of these eco-friendly plans will save money in the long run, and help to conserve the world?s precious resources. Smart, savvy, and making the grade -- just what you?d expect from higher education.