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Speaking to My Heart

From: Blunt Youth Radio Project
Series: Incarcerated Youth Speak Out
Length: 06:25

When Nikki became a mother of two at the age of seventeen she promised to leave her life of drugs and crime behind. It was a promise she couldn't keep.

Lcydcfenceedit_small Nikki, who's serving an 18th month sentence at the Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland, Maine talks about what it's like to be separated from her young children.

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Piece Description

Nikki, who's serving an 18th month sentence at the Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland, Maine talks about what it's like to be separated from her young children.

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"Speaking to My Heart" Review

This piece is the personal, riveting reflection of a seventeen year old mother of two who has been incarcerated. While the story is about a teen mother, it defies all stereotypes and judgments; the narrator’s voice and delivery strips the piece down to its element; a journey of emotions, from joy, regret, pain, love and longing.
Hearing the innocent voices of the narrator’s children immediately pulls the listener into the story. The snippet from the children’s father is touching, and provides a more complete picture of the yearning created by a distance between parents and their children.
The music is pleasant and suits the mood of the piece, though the repetition of the same few chords becomes a little old. The organization of the piece is a little fragmented, with some word endings dropped and some early cutaways.
However, this piece certainly deserves to be broadcast and heard; whether you are a mother, a father, a son or daughter, the narrator’s honesty is fresh and most certainly speaks to the heart.

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Review of Speaking to My Heart

"Speaking to My Heart" is a well done piece about teen pregnancy. In this piece, the narrator reveals just how difficult it is to find the balance between being an adult and being a teenager when you have kids of your own to raise. And although the narrator does make the mistake of leaning more towards her teenage life and ends up having to serve time in jail, she does realize her mistake and promises to be a better mother. I appreciate this message the piece carries because it gives hope to those who are in the same situation confirming that other teen mothers are fighting to make positive lifestyle changes as well.

One of my favorite parts about this piece was the beautiful music choice. The music was soft and pretty and complimented the narrator's voice very well. Furthermore, the kids audio clips of short conversations with their mother really added to the piece and made it that much more personal and real.

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Review of Speaking to My Heart

Parent hood is hard no matter how old you are. Some teen parents go young as 12 years old. Many teenagers think it's hard in the city, but out on a reservation it is hard because there is no place to take your child to a baby sitter. Nicci takes you to a timetable of when she had here first child at 14 and her second at 17, then being incarcerated. Nicci adds her boy and girls voices to her piece and the music grabs onto the listener with emotions. The emotions that grab you are sorrow, anger, happiness, and other types that you would feel torwards what she is talking about. She does a good narration with live recordings. She keeps a steady pace with her narration, doesn?t stutter, and keeps a strong, steady, gentle, voice so listeners will be grab by her emotions. As A would-have-been father I feel the same way as the kids' father. You would always want to be there with your kids. Now Nicci is going get a new start after getting out of prison. Take a listen and YOU might think differently about having a child.

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Broadcast History

This story originally aired on WMPG's Blunt Youth Radio Project in Portland, ME.

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