The Book
Hans Anderson

Default-piece-image-0 Not broadcast, experimental fiction. I am not sure if this belongs on public radio at all. You tell me. I have found my voice heading in this direction, short fictional audio, and I find that this sounds very un-PR. I'd love to get this aired, but realistically... who could play something like this? What show exists? For more information and conversation, visit this feature on

I woke up from a nap one day having had a major nightmare; that doesn't usually happen but as I lay there, groggy, I thought, "hey, that'd be a great story!" and I jumped up and wrote it.  Having said that, as is usual when recounting a dream, the more I wrote the less sense my dream made.  What finished off was pretty good, made better by a friend who listened to it for me, and said right in the middle his cat jumped off the couch behind him and he whirled around in a panic.  Nice.