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Comments for NCPR's Jackie Sauter on "The Future of Public Radio" -- on ThoughtCast!

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This piece belongs to the series "The Future of Public Radio"

Produced by Jenny Attiyeh

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Summary: NCPR's Jackie Sauter: the 7th of 14 interviews conducted at the annual PRPD conference -- on ThoughtCast!

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Review of NCPR's Jackie Sauter on "The Future of Public Radio" -- on ThoughtCast!

Public radio listeners tend to be interested in talk about the media, and about public radio in particular. So even though this piece could otherwise be seen as extreme inside baseball (come to think of it, that sounds like kind of a fun game), your listeners might like to hear it. It's one in a series of interviews that Jenny Attiyeh recorded at the annual Public Radio Program Directors' meeting a while back -- interviews about the future and direction of public radio and its online iterations. In this one, Jackie Sauter of North Country Public Radio talks about the plea from listeners for new and fresh stuff and about the ways public radio stations are (or will be) experimenting with the Web to create conversation and "participatory democracy."

These pieces might work during a pledge drive, or in connection with any sort of show about public radio, or as a series of their own.