Pretty soon, you're going to start hearing warnings about the War on Christmas...  Now,  that battle may be hard to spot through the blinking red and green lights on your neighbor's house, or through the tiny, silver, or jingling bells that fill every radio station's programming, or even the stores lined with tinsel, ornaments, and holiday cheer.  But it's there, sneaking like a Grinch or maybe more accurately scrounging like a Scrooge.

This war, the true war on Christmas isn't about whether you should say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" and it isn't whether a Menorah should share a space in a public holiday display.  That's camoflauge.  That's suberterfuge.  That's the enemy of Christmas speaking to you.

The battle line is more distinct.  It's 18 states telling us that we can't feed the homeless.  Can you imagine what Jesus would say to that?  Can you dream he'd go along with Caesar telling him that he couldn't break bread or give any to those without?  Would he stomach the idea that the suffering can only be fed in roped off pens where only the licenced sleuce food down to them?


Since January of this year alone, 21 cities have passed legislation  making it illegal for individuals or groups to share food with the homeless. Now that my friends, sounds like the Christian thing to do!


After all, the spirit of Christmas of giving is restricted to when you're in Church, right? Or maybe, it only works its way between you and your friends?  Actually, I'm pretty sure that it says in the Bible that Christmas is only for those filing a W-2.  More, you the individual shouldn't have a generous heart.  That's for the church.  You don't have to give a fig pudding for those in distress... in fact, if they're in your line of sight your duty is to give them the boot.  The army boot.  This is a war on Christmas.


But hold on, maybe these states and cities are right.  Maybe Jesus would not want individuals acting charitably or with love.  Remember, don't give a man a fish... teach him to fish!  Heal the leper.  The sinner. So, certainly, these districts that are criminalizing the spirit of Christmas are in equal part funding job training centers or re-opening all of the mental health facilities that they have closed.






One of the saddest things I see while volunteering to help recovering soldiers is the hefty bag.  Too often, I watch a soldier, marine, or sailor pile all their belongings when being released from the hospital into a black trash bag only to go from the sick bed to the streets.  According to the VA, on any given night, there are 57,849 homeless Veterans in America.  And now, you tell me I can't feed them.


That is a war on Christmas.  Don't deceive yourself. 


For all that they've done, sacrificed, and deserve... if they come to this Coffee Corner, I'm going to risk arrest and buy them a cup of Joe.

Merry Christmas.


At the Coffee Corner, I'm Andrew Hiller.