The show includes a billboard with newshole and runs 55 minutes.
Cobblestones celebrates and explores the life and work of Jim Henson through the experiences of Fran  Brill, a five time Emmy winning actress who after 42 years is now retiring.  Brill was the first female hired by Jim Henson on Sesame Street.  We'll also hear from Dave Goelz (Gonzo the Great), Jim Lewis, Bonnie Erickson and many more.

On Cobblestones, she recounts her early days with Jim Henson along with Dave Goelz (Gonzo, the Great), puppet builders Bonnie Erickson and Rollie Krewson, and writers Jim Lewis and Craig Shemin all of whom counted themselves amongst Jim Henson's friends.

Cobblestones celebrates, investigates, and debates the legacy, history, and craft of Jim Henson with those who knew and worked with him.  It is a behind the scenes look at the Muppets and even features an original sketch or two with the actors who origniated such memorable characters.