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Service for two (#160)

From: Dean Ritz
Series: Ethically Speaking
Length: 02:00

Some medical professionals get caught in the middle.

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Piece Description

See plaintext transcription. Hey, it's only a two minute program!


DEAN: This is ethically speaking with Dean Ritz and Deni Elliott.

DENI: My physical therapist expressed concern over serving two clients at once: the doctors who make the diagnoses and referrals, and the patients.

DEAN: It seems to me all caregivers ought to be on the same team, working in the patient?s best interest.

DENI: Ideally, you?re right. But, in the real world, patients come to the physical therapist with prescriptions from doctors. The physical therapist is just supposed to carry out the doctor?s orders.

DEAN: And what?s wrong with that?

DENI: The physical therapist might find that the doctor didn?t understand the whole problem or even make the right diagnosis.

DEAN: Oooh, that?s tricky. The therapist ? who is an adjunct caregiver -- needs to figure out how to communicate with the doctor, the principal caregiver. And she must do so without violating the patie...
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