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1000 Postcards

From: Rene Gutel
Length: 09:17

a bus driver writes his daughter every day for 1000 days
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Piece Description

This piece was written and produced for B-Side Radio while I was working in Anchorage, Alaska. It was picked up and posted on Transom.org in July 2003. It also aired on KSKA Anchorage. http://www.transom.org/shows/2003/200307.gutel.postcards.html http://www.bside-radio.org/show22/show22.htm

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Review of 1000 Postcards

A touching Father /Daughter story, perfect for any weekend afternoon.
Sentimental human interest story about a father who writes his daughter a post card everyday while she is attending college. Great display of a fathers' love, yet also sad that he never fulfilled his own dreams in life. Great honesty from both narrator and father.

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Review of 1000 Postcards

Rene has quite a dad. 1,000 postcards are truly a monument of a father's love for his daughter. This piece is sound rich and it showcases a healthy, loving relationship between parent and child. While this piece would be perfect for Father's Day, it would also be good for that time in August and September when children are leaving home for college. Beautiful piece.

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Review of 1000 Postcards

Beautifully done, full of gentle surprises (the viola?), and richer and deeper with every passing minute. It operates on many levels at once -- there's a lovely Oulipian formalism to the task Rene's dad sets himself -- but this piece always feels warm, natural, and absolutely unaffected. Rene and her dad, and their relationship gradually bloom as characters in this piece, and, as a storyteller, Rene has a deft touch for saying just enough, and leaving room for mystery. A little gem -- one of the best pieces I've heard on PRX.

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