Story Exchange FAQ

What is Story Exchange?

Story Exchange gives listeners a chance to help create quality local journalism by directly supporting stories that matter to them.

Story Exchange is a project of the Public Radio Exchange (, Louisville Public Media and

How does it work?

There's a great story out there that needs telling. But many times the resources aren't there to do the job.

That's where Story Exchange comes in: With the help of listeners like you, your support can directly make that story become reality. In this case, the station suggests a modest financial goal and you and your friends contribute small amounts to make it happen.

You have a direct stake in creating the journalism that matters to you.

In further stages of this project, we'll be soliciting story ideas from you and then connecting them to producers, reporters, and listeners who will combine efforts to make them happen.

Does it work?

Yes!, an innovative web company, has begun doing this with print and broadcast reporters, writers and producers. We're partnering with them to really concentrate this effort in public radio, starting in Louisville. has created a web platform that makes it possible for any dedicated reporter or producer to suggest stories and then solicit to get them funded and produced.

Pitching and funding a story

Story Exchange will be designed so any producer can pitch a story and then as for funding. This is working now on

Story Exchange will start with local coverage ideas proposed by the staff at Louisville Public Media (and you can see them on the Story Exchange page at PRX). Listeners anywhere can support the completion of these stories and series. Once the goal is achieved, LPM will complete the programs, publish them for anyone to hear...and then propose even more.

How does the money part work?

When you click FUND THIS STORY, you select the amount, you select if you want to add money to support, and then you decide whether to put the charge on a credit card or through PayPal. It is that easy!

What does public radio add to all this?

First, a passionate audience that cares deeply about quality journalism, especially on a local level.

You prove that support when you pledge and listen to public radio. Now, Story Exchange brings that listener dedication into greater focus so you can affect the types of stories that get covered locally.

We'll make it easy and affordable to make better local journalism happen. You'll be hearing about how you can play a role on air and see it online.

We know that by unleashing the power of local listeners, we can all help improve local coverage.

Who provided the initial funding for Story Exchange?

This project is supported by the Knight News Challenge, an effort by the Knight Foundation.


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