Pointer #5: Creating Playlists

PRX Pointers — Getting the most out of PRX.org

Playlists let you gather any PRX pieces, play them in a row, and even launch a popup player so that you can browse PRX (or any site) while they play. Each playlist has its own web address so that it's easy to share, bookmark, and listen to later.

Learn how to create, manage, and listen to playlists.

Playlists are created by all kinds of PRX members: PRX editorial staff use playlists to group pieces around a theme, listeners use them to bookmark their favorite pieces, producers group recommended pieces to send to stations, and stations bookmark pieces they want to buy — just to name a few.

To create a playlist:

  1. Click Create new playlist from the Playlists tab.
  2. Give it a name (e.g., "To Listen To" or "Pieces for WXYZ to Buy"), then fill out the description and upload a photo if you like.

To add pieces to a playlist:

  1. From the piece you want to add, click Add to playlist or portfolio on the right under Actions.
  2. Choose the correct playlist and click submit.
    A link that takes you back to your playlist will appear.

To launch the popup player:

  • Click Launch popup player on the right of the playlist. The popup player allows you to leave the playlist page (and even PRX itself) and still listen to the playlist.

To edit a playlist:

  • Edit a playlist's name, description, and photo from Edit playlist info on the right of the playlist.
  • Edit a playlist's pieces, sections, and notes from Edit content directly above the pieces.

    Click and drag pieces to reorder them. You can also add notes to pieces.

    Adding sections to the playlist is optional. Sections allow you to further organize pieces into categories. For example, we used sections in this playlist to divide award-winners into their respective years.