The Public Radio Exchange, a nonprofit based in Cambridge, Mass., was founded as a collaboration of the Station Resource Group of Takoma Park, Md. and Atlantic Public Media of Woods Hole, Mass.

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Founding Folks

Tom Thomas
Co-Chief Executive Officer, Station Resource Group
Terry Clifford
Co-Chief Executive Officer, Station Resource Group
Jay Allison
Executive Director, Atlantic Public Media

Founding Stations

PRX Board of Directors

Janet Balis – Chief Revenue Officer at Betaworks
Torey Malatia – Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Chicago Public Media
Ashton Peery – Former CSO and Corporate Head of Business Development for Lucent Technologies
Jake Shapiro – Executive Director, PRX
Bruce Warren – Assistant GM for Programming at WXPN in Philadelphia, Pa.
Susan McKeever – Principal, Law Office of Susan L. McKeever
Henry Becton – Former President, WGBH, Boston, Mass. and Vice Chair of the WGBH Board of Trustees

PRX Staff

Jake Shapiro – Executive Director
John Barth – Managing Director
Kerri Hoffman – Associate Director
Andrew Kuklewicz – Technical Director
Matt MacDonald – Technical Projects Director
Rekha Murthy – Director of Projects and Partnerships
Kathleen Unwin – Station Relations Director
Genevieve Sponsler – Content Coordinator
Audrey Mardavich – Member Support and Administrative Associate
Robert DeBenedictis – Systems Administrator
Rebecca Nesson – Lead Developer
Chris Rhoden – Developer
Chris Kalafarski – Developer
Bailey Kalafarski – Food Inspector

PRX Remix Staff

Roman Mars – Host and Program Director
Erika Lantz – Assistant Producer